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  • Ponzi scam is named after Charles Ponzi. He was an Italian emigrant who became a millionaire in 6 month by employing this scheme to scam about 40,000 people. Ponzi scam is very similar to pyramid scheme where earlier investors are paid dividend from the money accumulated from investors that join later.

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  • Forex Megadroid can be used on MT4 platform. This trading robot has been promoted by other professionals related to currency trading, such as Mark McRae as well as some other people behind some well known EAs - such as Fap Turbo.

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Do not be seduced by get-rich-quick-schemes. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is probably a scam. A scammer will promise you huge profits and will probably ask you to invest some initial amount for instructions or merchandise before telling you how the plan operates. But they just want to take your money and give you little or nothing in return....


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